Melissa Helman Photography | Little Faces, Big Smiles

Little Faces , Big Smiles

To me, there is something so special about capturing a child's true personality through their eyes.  Close up portraits of little faces has become a ritual for me within each session....might even say its my signature.  I love being able to make that connection with children through their eyes.  During a session with little ones, I make it my goal to get to know them....this is what I love about what I do.  Sometimes, its just hanging back and waiting for that "look" they give me when I know they feel totally safe with me and the camera. Sometimes it's the look they give when they are thinking about something they want to say.  The connection in their eyes is what makes my heart skip a beat each times because it 's that genuine personality that comes through. 

Melissa Helman Photography creates photoboards that capture your child's adorable face over the years. At each session with me, I will capture a photo of your child for their photoboard. Children grow and change so fast.  This is a great way for my returning clients to remember those big cheeks and cute smiles of their little one.  Here are some of those little faces, big smiles. If you are interested in having a custom "Little Faces, Big Smiles" photoboard created for you, please contact me at