Melissa Helman Photography | Beginners Workshop

Beginners Workshop



I always hear people say, " I don't know how to work my camera". So I decided to offer a workshop filled with tips, techniques and fun. No knowledge is necessary. Just bring your DSLR camera, the manual that came with it (if you don't have it we can always look it up online), and any lenses you have.  I will show you everything you need to know to take your camera OFF the Auto setting to create beautiful images of your children.  We will talk about how to find the best light, tips for shooting indoors, how to capture natural, beautiful expressions, focus techniques, and just how I create that dreamy background blur. We will also spend some time discussing how to organize, print, and backup your photos so they don't just live on your computer. The workshop will be 1.5 hrs in studio. This workshop is small and intimate, and I promise you will walk away inspired! 


Ladies, I can already hear you now....I would love to do this workshop but my hubby thinks I should just read the manual.  Trust me, this workshop goes way beyond the manual.  Do what you need to do to convince those hubby's then get ready for some fun and alittle creative time for yourself.  You won't regret it and your kids will thank you!


*Please ask about group rates. Make it a fun night out with your friends.