Month in Rewind-May

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MHP Month in Rewind-May



It's amazing to see what one month will bring.  For me this month has brought many blessings.  I worked with expecting parents at the start of the month.  Molly and Pat were so much fun to work with.  The day we photographed together, we chased the rain all day...and even did a few non-rain dances. : )  We were lucky to have a few hours to squeeze in their session before it completely down poured. Being with them reminded me of myself and husband when we were awaiting the arrival of our daughter, Ella.  We too were so excited and ready to welcome her into our loving family.  Best wishes to Molly and Pat as they welcome their little one. After their session, I was tickled when I was contacted by a women who wanted to use one of the images from Molly and Pat's session as an advertisement for her maternity classes she teaches.   So happy to connect with people from all over.

The middle of the month I had the pleasure of working with two wonderful families who know how to laugh and have fun together.  I was so thankful to be able to capture them together as a family.  The first family was Lori, the mother of two boys. Lori had told me she hadn't had pictures taken of her youngest in years because he didn't like cameras.  At the end of our session, her son asked if I could come home with them...I was simply happy that I had made a connection and done my job. Thank you to Lori for the opportunity to work with you and your family. The second family was my best friend Alyssa, her husband, Phil and their  two children.  It was so nice to be able to hang out with them and stop time for just one morning.  Thank you to Alyssa and Phil for a wonderful morning ...and lunch.  I really had a great time!

May did fly by fast.  Probably not as fast as my last client would want.  Stefanie and Dan welcomed their first child, Addelyn Mae.  Stafanie is a dear friend of mine from highschool.  She contacted me way back when she knew she was expecting and I counted down the days until our session together.  This family was so helpful and eager to do whatever was needed during the session.  One of my favorite images of Addy is of her in a sling with her dad holding her up.  Her Gr. Aunt and Grandma also assisted in this image off does take many hands to help create these images sometimes.  The best part of this image is that I snapped it five seconds before she peed all over her dads hand.  The best part of this is that her daddy didn't even flinch..welcome to parenthood Dan and Stef!

Thank you all for your continued support.  As always, I love hearing your feedback. Thank you for a wonderful month..I look forward to working with more families this weekend as we jump into June.  Enjoy this months images from Rewind-May!!! : ) 90910-459 kane-swim


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