Newborn Freya

December 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I had the great pleasure this month to work not only with my brother and sister-in-law but my newest niece, Freya.  She was  such a sweetheart and let me have so much fun photographing her for 2 1/2 hours.  Her mom didn't escape the session without cleaning up a few messes  Freya decided it would be best to dirty on her mom and not my blankets..twice.  We were able to capture some unique posed portraits for her mom and dad.  

Freya's dad is a musician and enjoys playing the drums.  My brother thought I was out of my mind when I asked him to bring his drums or at least a drum to the session.  I 'm so pleased that we were able to make it happen.  

Freya's moms unique portrait included an antique rocking chair.  I love it when clients find that special something.  It makes my job so much fun to be able to create a portrait that I know they will love and have for a lifetime.  

I have nothing but true happiness in my heart knowing this family has finally had some happiness in their hearts.  My brother and sister-in-law have been through a lot of tough times together at the start of their marriage. They lost Callie's mom to cancer in the Spring 4 years ago.  Shortly after, David was diagnosed with lymphoma.  He is a cancer survivor  and together they grow stronger.  

Freya has many special people in her life and is surrounded by angels above. I feel blessed to be able to capture this moment in time for them.  I love you guys! 


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